In today’s world where cyber threats are growing exponentially the art of developing and maintaining a website has been made close to impossible for the average person. Most of the shelf websites are created with much more functionality than is ever needed, creating unintended security consequences, and often can’t be configured correctly to support the specific needs of the user.

What we do for our subscription site type clients:

  • Build a dedicated server with unique IP address(es)
  • Configure server resources to best accomplish requirements (goals)
  • Either procure a domain for you or utilize the domain that you already have
  • Add website code (typically wordpress)
  • Develop a stunning website
    • Multiple writers can be accommodated
    • New users can sign up
      • Full paypal and/or Credit Card integration
      • Monthly and/or yearly recurring payment profile
    • Create simple interface for you to generate web content
      • Add capabilities depending on requirements
  • Emails to be sent out from your server as:
    • mail.<your_domain>
      • Full SPF Authentication
      • Full DKIM Authentication
      • Full DMARC Authentication
      • Without all of these in place your emails will be “suspicious” at best (most likely denied)  in today’s hyper cyber cautious world
  • APACHE, APACHE-FPM, and or NGINX depending on anticipated and current loading
  • Load balancing if needed 
  • Integrated with GOOGLE Analytics
    • Internet community will be encouraged to checkout your content
  • Maintain a set of security practices for your production website
    • White hat black hat threat analysis
    • Multiple firewalls
      • Server Host
      • CSF and LFD – server code
      • https port
    • RSA Keys used exclusively
  • Monitor/update our production server
    • Performance
    • CYBER concerns
  • SSL Encryption (https not http)
  • No nuisance advertising on site pages

What you will need to do:

  • Create informative and interesting Articles (posts) that will draw perspective subscribers

For technical support we can also help you get your current website checked out and rolling efficiently again.

We also apply a little professional graphics as well